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The Basics Of Winning Craps Book

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The Basics Of Winning Craps
The Basics Of Winning Craps  Book

by J. Edward Allen

This is an excellent beginner's book is targeted for beginning players who want to learn the basics of this sometime-intimidating casino game. Easy-to-read and written in a conversational style, players learn how to understand the various bets and terminology and gives them the confidence to play like a pro. 13 quick-reading chapters explain all the different bets available including wagers in which the house has no edge whatsoever. There are good bets and bad bets, and the reader will soon learn how to tell the difference. From pass, come, and free odds bets, to place bets, field bets, don't come and the proposition bets, players will get a full understanding of the game. Includes money management strategies, glossary, illustrations and charts.

New edition includes a revised introduction, the latest on betting 3X, 10x, and 100 x odds bets, the best strategies to take advantage of these new odds wagers, and explanations of the newest gimmick bets.

List $4.95

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